Dramatically Improve Your Reading Comprehension with these Two Simple Tips

By Greg Ragland

In life, there are two simple keys to success: the first is your ability to comprehend and understand new information; the second is your ability to communicate newly learned information.

Today, I would like to share with you two tips that will help you with the first key to success; your ability to comprehend and understand new information.

In this communication age, we are constantly being exposed to new information. How well you assimilate and comprehend this information will in large part determine your success. There are two changes you can start making today that will enable you to better comprehend and understand new information. The first is understanding every word you read or hear.

Tip One: Make Sure You Understand Every Word You Read or Hear

For over 100 years, research studies have confirmed that reading comprehension is directly correlated with vocabulary knowledge. In other words you can't comprehend information unless you understand the meaning of ALL the words you read or hear. In some cases, by not knowing the meaning of a single word on a page of text, you will not be able to comprehend a new subject or new information.

The good news is there is an easy solution. While you are reading or hearing new information, pay extra attention to every word you encounter. Look for new words that are unfamiliar to you. If you are reading, stop to look up the word. If you are listening to someone speak, write down the new or unfamiliar word. By paying extra attention to every word you encounter, you will be more engaged and you will comprehend more information; you will also avoid daydreaming during lectures and reading. By taking a little extra time to look up words and note unfamiliar words, you will save time comprehending new information. And at the end of the day, comprehension is your end goal; not your ability to quickly read words on a page!

Tip Two: While Learning New Information, Pretend You Have to Later Speak on the Topic

As you take time to ensure you know the meaning of every word you read or hear, you will improve your comprehension. In addition to this, pretend that you will have to give a speech on what you are reading. If you pretend that you will later have to speak on a new subject or material, your mind will start to process the information differently. You will start to put the information in your own words and your mind will find ways to organize the information so that you remember it forever. Also, while you are taking note of new words, your mind will think of ways of using these new words to communicate your new understanding of the information.

By paying extra attention to ever word you hear on a new subject and by pretending that you will later have to speak on the newly learned information, you will dramatically improve your comprehension and retention of new material. You will also expand your vocabulary in a way that enables you to use new words to explain newly learned information in a more meaningful way.

Start using these two simple tips today you will notice dramatic improvements in your reading comprehension.