The 3 Top Accelerated Learning Techniques

Discover three learning techniques that will enable you to quickly learn new information and remember it forever.

Yes, it's true. You can make learning quick and easy by following the these three steps;

1. Defining the subject - identifying the core idea
2. Outlining the subject - getting an overview
3. Relating the subject to what is already known - drawing analogies

Step One: Defining the Subject Every subject has a core idea. History, for example, is a look at what went on in the past so we can predict what might occur in the future. Physics is a look at the workings of the universe in an attempt to explain and predict motion. By establishing a core idea, the mind is better able to process facts and techniques pertaining to the subject.

Step Two: Outlining the Subject It's hard to put a jigsaw puzzle together without having first seen the picture of the completed puzzle on the box. Likewise, it is more difficult to learn information without first getting an overview of the subject. By seeing a handout or being told what a speaker will be talking about, or scanning through written material noting chapter headings and sub headings, the mind can set up a framework for learning.

Step Three: Relating the Subject to what is already known by drawing analogies Relate and compare what you are learning to other things you already know. Take the idea of "learning" for example. You acquire information, process it, and use the new knowledge to think with and act. This is similar to eating-you take in food, digest it, and use the energy it provides to stay alive and be active.

In summary we learn much faster when we first identify a subject's core idea, then we review an overview of what will be covered, and finally when we spot similarities to information that is already familiar to us.

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About the Author
Don Woodruff is the director of the Professional Vocabulary Institute and author of the audio programs, The Kangaroo Method: Shortcut to Accelerated Learning and Master the 40 Words Successful People Use. See Don also teaches a 12 hour intensive vocabulary training course. You can register for this course online or call 895-3394. For more information e-mail or call 895-3254.