High School Vocabulary -Discovery Why Vocabulary is the Secret Key To Making (Almost) Every Subject Easier To Learn And Understand

Attention all Current and Future High School Students (and parents!)

Read that title again. That title sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? "Secret Key." Well, the fact is your vocabulary is truly the secret key to unlocking success in high school.

Improving your vocabulary will help you do better in almost every class you take. Now, I'll be honest - your vocabulary won't help much with factoring algebraic equations, or with Pythagorean Theory, but every other class will be easier if you know more high school vocabulary words. Think about it:

Science: This subject is full of new words and ideas, no matter which branch you're studying this year - Life science, earth science, chemistry, health - If you know the vocabulary words before your book or teacher introduces them, you catch on faster and have to spend less time looking things up. And come test time, you'll already know the answers.

History/ Social Studies: Whatever it's called in your school, "civics," "western civilization," - again, it doesn't matter. Having more words at your disposal will help you understand concepts (why'd they call it the "enlightenment"? What exactly is a "thundering horde"? What does it mean when a voter is "disenfranchised"?) faster and easier.

And of course, having more words to choose from makes writing term papers a snap, and impresses the teacher when she goes to grade them.

English: Reading, English Lit, Language - it really goes without saying that knowing more words will help in these classes. What's really nice is that all those boring old stories you have to read can actually get pretty interesting once you understand what everyone's saying. And you can read them faster, get done and get on with life.

Question: What is the Best Way to Improve Your High School Vocabulary?

We have two recommendations:

Download our Free High School Vocabulary Word List of the Top 100 High School Vocabulary Words every high school student should know

Invest in new vocabulary software that is designed to help you improve your high school vocabulary 10 to 100 times faster than your current learning speed. The Power Vocabulary Builder is a new software tool that has proven to help high school students improve their vocabularies so they can earn better grades in school! www.powervocabularybuilder.com